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October 2017 Newsletter - blog post image

October 2017 Newsletter

Turfs and Cleats

Each year we reserve tens of thousands of pairs of footwear for our members. Has your organization tried New Balance or Mizuno yet? Contact us and we will show you how you can benefit from wholesale pricing and how to lock in footwear for your...

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   October 31, 2017
September 2017 Newsletter - blog post image

September 2017 Newsletter

Holy Bats Man!

With many of our members in areas of the country or leagues that have adopted the new USA bat standards we have seen an early flurry of bat purchases. Our members have already resold over 400 bats to their players resulting in thousands of dol...

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   September 29, 2017
August 2017 Newsletter - blog post image

August 2017 Newsletter

What The FAQ?

By now you have heard or experienced Shop Extra Innings Direct's amazing access to Diamond Sports Brands with tremendous opportunities for profits and savings.

But you probably have not heard about how beneficial our organization is, what buying ...

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   August 18, 2017

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