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Spring 2020 Newsletter

A Letter From Our President

Extra Innings Direct is the exclusive buying group for travel programs and facilities. We are the only authorized buying group to offer our members real accounts with over 20 manufacturers, national buying power wholesale pricing and a dedicated service and marketing team.

As you get back on the fields think of these quick points and how we can help

Buying at wholesale helps save on your organization’s operational costs like balls, first aid kits, pitching machines, field equipment and anything else you purchase, usually through a middleman

With your own accounts under our national umbrella you become an authorized dealer with the ability to create a significant revenue stream by selling equipment to your players

Demo Bats, Sizing Kits, Rapsodo Discounts, National Insurance Partners and an In house support, marketing and design team all at your disposal.It’s easy to create that revenue stream with our support.

It is a RISK FREE opportunity for qualified travel organizations and indoor facilities.

This link will take you to a recording of the 9 most asked questions

Contact Us to get started or if you want a sneak peak of all the wholesale pricing and benefits our members get with their own dealer accounts with no minimums or inventory requirements.

Thank you, good luck, and we look forward to working for you soon.


Robert Nash


Extra Innings Companies

978 762 0448 ext. 103 - Boston MA Web Design - Ecommerce


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